Integrity, Trust, and Care are the traits that govern my business and my character.

At Poseday Property Solutions, it is imperative that you gain assurance that we will buy your house, but also that we will be transparent with you, honest with you, and you will be treated with due care and respect at all times.

Poseday Property Solutions is a small specialist team, which means we deliver a very personalised service which is unique to you and your individual circumstances.

Owner: Patrice Elonge

I am married with three young kids and I love spending time with family. I enjoy playing table tennis and tennis. I am very driven and strongly believe in self-development.

I am a keen property investor and I devote much of my time learning about property.

I am passionate about property and the broad range of avenues property offers. I attend courses, seminars, and training sessions. I am constantly reading one book or another about property. I have a mentor and I also have close property groups where we exchange ideas.

I am a chartered accountant by profession.